Honey Whisky Ice Cream 蜂蜜威士忌冰淇淋

Usually I would say: “No! No ice cream for good girls, its bad for you!!” But its Saturday and it wasn’t raining and we just craved for some ice cream! So nothing can be too guilty! 😛 上個禮拜天朋友來家裡時做了一大盒這個冰淇淋,結果一個禮拜過去我爸媽一口都沒有吃到,全部被家裡的小老鼠們消滅,所以這個禮拜再加碼一次! 這次總算記得要拍步驟了


So, for this super-easy-n-all-your-friends-n-your-family’s-gonna-love-you whisky honey ice cream, all you need is:

125ml whipping cream 動物性鮮奶油

1 whole egg 全蛋

2 egg yolk 蛋黃

50 gram-ish sugar 一點點砂糖

2 table spoon of whisky 兩湯匙威士忌 (don’t put more its not gonna taste better, alcoholic!!)

1/2 table spoon of honey 一點點蜂蜜

1. Whipped the cream 打發鮮奶油到大概七八分,不用太硬

2. Whisk the egg and super over a bowl of hot water 蛋和糖隔水加熱打發

3. Mix 1 and 2, add whiskey and honey, put in a pretty container, pop them in the freezer 組合 1和 2,加入蜂蜜和威士忌,裝盒冷凍

4. Wuala, you’r done!! (Just remember to stir your ice cream every hour till its hard enough to eat) 完成!! (只要記得接下來每一個小時去喇一下你的冰淇淋,直到可以吃得硬度為止,不然會變成一塊大冰塊)

PS. 威士忌換成咖啡就變成咖啡口味!其他口味還在實驗中!

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